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Analyze your email campaigns and audience segments with Chimpmetrics

Mailchimp comparative reporting without the Premium price tag!

Campaign stats, broken down by audience segment

View your campaign results by segment, so you can see which segments are engaged and which are not.

Audience growth and churn, broken down by segment

Ever wondered what segments of your audience are gaining the most growth, or which you should be worried about?

How Chimpmetrics works

Connect a Mailchimp account

Connect as many Mailchimp accounts up to your account, for $50 $7 per connected account. Ideal for agencies and Mailchimp partners.

Refine your report

Use our simple dashboard to select your list, then sent campaigns, and segments within your list.

Add campaign benchmarks

Select a metric, and add your desired benchmark, so you can compare the results with your KPIs.

View your reports

Once your report has finished generating (this can take a while), you can view and share your new report.

Public share links

Each report has a public share link, that you can share with your clients.

If it’s available in Mailchimp, it’s here

You can view:

  • Click Rate (%)
  • Unique Subscriber Clicks
  • Total Clicks
  • Emails Delivered
  • Emails Cancelled
  • Delivery Rate (%)
  • Unique Opens
  • Total Opens
  • Open Rate (%)
  • Bounce Rate (%)
  • Hard Bounces
  • Soft Bounces
  • Hard Bounce Rate (%)
  • Soft Bounce Rate (%)
  • Unsubscribe Rate (%)

Gorgeous hover effects

View instant stats as you scroll over the charts, showing you a breakdown per segment.

Click to view averages, benchmarks and trend lines

Overlay the campaign chart with the average across all displayed campaigns, your preset benchmarks, and a trendline, so you can spot if the rates are going up or down.

Oh, and it looks good on mobiles too

Dontcha hate it when everything’s all messed up on your phone, not Chimpmetrics.


Unlock the power of Mailchimp

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