The click-to-open rate is a really useful metric for analysing your email marketing campaigns, which compares the number of unique clicks to the number of unique opens. Essentially gathering click-to-open rate data will show you how effective your email content, messaging and design is and how it performs within your audience.

You can also find out whether your audience was interested enough to take action from the email. One study found that the average click-to-open rate is at 12.2%, so just over 1 in 10 users will be enticed to open and interact with an email. 

One tactic marketers use to try and increase their click-to-open rates is resending. If users don’t open the first email, resending your message can increase the chance of your email being opened and clicked through. Statistics can back this up with some marketers seeing a 50% increase in click-to-open rates after resending to non-openers. 

Another option would be to set out clear and definite call to actions in the email body such as ‘find out more’, ‘shop now’ or ‘more information’ which would hopefully entice users to click on the content. Why not try testing out some new call to actions in your newsletters or resending to your mail list of no-openers to see how your emails perform differently.

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