Click rates essentially tell you if your email marketing campaigns are not only interesting enough for subscribers to open them but that they encourage users to delve into the content and engage with it through actions.

Across all industries, the average click rate is 2.62% which means, on average less than 1 in 20 people are clicking and engaging with email campaigns.

The industries seeing the most success with click rates is those relating to hobbies, where click rates are almost double the average at 5.01%.

Coming in second place is media and publishing emails where the click rate is at 4.62% and government-related emails are the third most clicked on emails with a click rate of 3.99%. In order to improve your click rates, similarly to open rates, you can try targeting specific content to smaller audiences that have been segmented.

Alternatively, you can try changing the link text as well as testing different content blocks within your email campaigns to see which are performing the best.

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