If you want to find out if your email marketing strategy is working, open rates are a great metric to help measure and find out this information.

According to Mailchimp, across all industries the average open rate is 21.33%, meaning on average just over 1 in 5 people are opening emails. The highest open rates from this research were found in government-related emails where almost a third of people were opening their emails. Specifically, open rates were as high as 28.77%. Following closely behind with an open rate of 27.74% were emails relating to hobbies, and the third most successful industry for open rates was emails supplying content surrounding religion, with an open rate of 27.62% or just over 1 in 4 people opening their emails.

Surprisingly, the beauty and personal care industry were seeing lower open rates of 16.65% and vitamin supplement emails had the lowest of all open rates with just over 1 in 8 (15.03%) people opening their emails. If your industry is seeing lower than average open rates, there are a few things you should consider to try and boost your open rate success.

Firstly, try testing subject lines using A/B testing, secondly, segment your audiences, this will help create stronger campaigns and build trust with your subscribers. Finally, you could try adjusting the frequency of your emails, you could be sending too many or too few emails per week, so altering your frequency may have a positive impact on your open rates. 

Source: Mailchimp (https://mailchimp.com/resources/email-marketing-benchmarks)