Seeing a spam complaint rate of higher than 1% can mean there is something not quite right with your email marketing strategy. Given that the email spam complaint rate is at 0.02%, anything above 1% may be a cause for concern.

Across different industries, real estate is revealed as the industry seeing the highest spam complaint rate of 0.6%, which is 0.4% higher than the second and third place industries, restaurant & food and automotive, which are experiencing a complaint rate of just 0.2%.

When we look at the spam complaint rate globally, Russia is seeing the highest number of complaints with a rate of 0.5%, whereas Great Britain’s spam complaint rate is as low as 0.01%. If you are seeing fairly high spam complaint rates in comparison to the average, there is no need to worry, we have a few tips that could help to reduce the complaint rate of your email campaigns.

Firstly, ensure you are not using a no reply email address, this can come across as spam to users. Secondly, don’t hide, or make it difficult to find the unsubscribe button, this may lead to a higher complaint rate. Finally, only get the right opt-ins for your email newsletters to reduce or exclude any bots that could be signing up.

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