From a top-level overview of the overall email marketing statistics from 2020, we can see that the unsubscribe rate was averaging 0.1%, which is incredibly low.

In terms of the industries performing the best and retaining the most subscribers, media, entertainment and publishing as well as retail saw an unsubscribe rate of 0.00% in 2020.

This shows that these industries are engaging their audience the best and delivering content that is of interest to the recipients, with the right frequency of email distribution per week. But which industries are seeing the worst unsubscribe rates? Wellness and Fitness have the highest unsubscribe rate, at 0.40%, which is double the average across all industries.

Healthcare and Logistics and Wholesale are also seeing higher than average unsubscribe rates of 0.30%. There are many reasons why people could be unsubscribing, one example could be due to the content not meeting their interests or, the frequency of the emails being too much or too little.

If you are seeing a higher than usual unsubscribe rate, a great thing to do is to ask the users why they are leaving, this primary research will give you great insight into how you can improve your email content and retain as many of your recipients as possible in the future. 

Source: Campaign Monitor (