Not sure if you’re sending too many or too few emails every month? Well, according to Techjury, companies are seeing the highest open rates when they send just two emails per month.

For many email marketers who work with big clients, 2 emails per month may seem very little, but this really depends on the type of content you are trying to push in your campaigns or newsletters. However, based on this statistic, it could be worth considering reducing the number of emails you send out.

By spending more time and budget on fewer emails, and focusing your attention on just two, you will hopefully see higher open rates due to the email campaigns you are sending being more personalised and targeted towards your consumers wants and interests.

For those sending more than 2 emails per month, they will be experiencing a similar open rate to merchants who send fewer than two per month which shows that the frequency of your emails heavily impacts the open rate. Essentially consumers don’t want to be bombarded with emails from the same company, so ensuring in the two or so emails that you are sending, you are making sure it is interesting and engaging for your customers, will certainly improve your open and click-through rates.

Source: Techjury (