A recent report from Campaign Monitor found that personalised subject lines such as using the recipient’s first name or including a topic they are interested in, get a boost of 26% in open rates. That’s equivalent to an additional 1 in 4 people opening your emails, simply by including a personalised subject line.

Some examples of how you can personalise your subject lines include targeting a user by their first name, age or location. Alternatively, you could include some of the user’s interests, which can be collected using various data capture techniques such as sign up forms and preference centres.

Other examples of personalised content for subject lines could include birthdays and anniversaries, transaction history from previous purchases, urgency in terms of sales and promotional offers and abandoned basket reminders, to bring users back to the website. A small alteration to your campaigns subject line can make a big difference.

All of these personalisation tactics can be used across different email marketing campaigns, and are proven to increase your open rates. 

Source: Campaign Monitor (https://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/guides/mobile-email-marketing