Bounce rates can have a really big impact on your deliverability. Hitting the inbox depends on your reputation. A low sender reputation could mean your emails remain undelivered, go into the spam folder or worse, you could become blacklisted. A high bounce rate could put you into one of those categories, so it is key to understand why your emails are bouncing.

Bounce rates can happen for a number of reasons, sending emails infrequently and the quality of your database are two of the top reasons. Sending emails infrequently can have an impact on how subscribers see you, they may forget your brand, marking you as spam or reporting you. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to this. The frequency depends on your database. If you find your bounce rate is high, it could be due to the quality of your database.

There could be spam email addresses that are not real. If you continually send to these addresses, ESPs (Email Service Providers) could mark you as spam, which is not something you want. Industry overviews show that networking industries (dating websites, social media) report the lowest bounce rate of 0.93%, whereas marketing and advertising see the highest bounce rates of 2.80%. 

Source: Sendinblue (