Have you ever wondered how often people check their emails? Is it one, two or three days a week? Well, research found that 99% of email users check their emails every single day. It comes as no surprise that respondents described email as a “fact of everyday life” in the research, with email becoming a part of both personal and professional life in recent years.

In addition to this stat, some people admitted to checking their emails as many as 20 times a day, whether that is for work or personal use. If checking your emails takes between five and ten seconds, those checking their emails up to 20 times a day could be spending around three hours a day on emails alone.

Checking emails 20 times a day is a very frequent amount meaning there is a lot of opportunity to be targeting these types of people with email marketing campaigns.

What’s more, with email being so accessible on mobiles and tablets nowadays, it makes it very easy to keep on top of your mailbox. So, no matter what location, age group, job type, gender or mosaic groups you are looking to target with your email marketing campaigns and newsletters, it is very clear from these statistics that email is a really great way to reach all different types of audiences on a very regular basis. 

Source: Optinmonster (https://optinmonster.com/is-email-marketing-dead-heres-what-the-statistics-show/)