As an email marketer, it is important to know what email clients your database can be opened on. This can have a real impact on where you focus the majority of your time. The email market share for opens has Apple iPhone out in front with 37% of users opting for this email client.

The second most popular email client is Gmail which has 30% of the market share. Between these two email clients, they share the majority of the market. Apple Mail comes third with 11%, and Outlook sits fourth with a market share of 8%. It’s always good to see which database your consumers open their emails on so that you can ensure your email marketing campaigns are going to work across the most popular ones.

If you know that 80% of your database opens on an Apple iPhone, you will need to ensure you are taking a mobile-first approach. What’s more, although the market share may be lower on other email clients such as Outlook, Yahoo and Windows Live, it is important that you don’t miss these email clients completely as there could be some valuable customers still using those email clients as their preferred choice. 

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