It comes as no surprise that a good email marketing strategy will make you and your business money, which is just one of the many benefits that comes from email marketing.

When it comes to your return on investment from email, the margins are incredible.

For every £1 spent on email marketing, in 2018, you could expect an average return of £42.24. That’s a whopping increase of 4,124%. Looking back to 2015, return on investment was at £29.64 for every £1 spent, which was still a great percentage increase on your spend of 2,864%. However, return on investment has increased since 2015 fairly quickly, with 2017-2018 seeing the biggest jump from £32.38 for every £1 spent to £42.24. When comparing this data to return on investment from direct mail, it is hardly comparable.

For direct mail, £3.22 is the average return from every £1 spent, which is almost £40 less than the average return that email marketing produces. Based on this research and these impressive statistics, email marketing should not be overlooked as a revenue stream for any business and should definitely be considered as an alternative to direct mail if the budget allows.

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