A new report from Superoffice shared extensive data on email marketing as a whole. One particular data point found that 89% of marketers were making the same mistake when it came to email marketing.

What is that mistake? Sending out one email to the entire database of contacts. For some, this may make your spine shiver, knowing that those adopting this type of marketing are missing out on a huge number of conversions and revenue.

In fact, as a result of this alarmingly high percent of marketers avoiding segmentation, open and click through rates are hugely impacted. But it gets worse, in fact, 60% of emails are deleted if they are not relevant to the recipient, that’s almost two thirds of your consumers deleting your email campaigns. A further 27% unsubscribe from the brand and another 27% mark the email as spam.

This “one size fits all” approach is proven to not work because recipients feel they are not receiving content that is relevant, interesting or important to their wants and needs. As a result, although segmentation may take more time or budget, in order to keep a loyal and strong audience, marketers need to start introducing segmentation into their databases to see better overall results. 

Source: Source Office (https://www.superoffice.com/blog/email-marketing-segmentation-mistake/