Get Response has revealed some new data on various email statistics and how the success of email campaigns differs around the world. We’ve taken a look at this data and compared the UK and US specifically to see how their email statistics compare.

In terms of open rates, there is no difference, both the UK and US are achieving an average open rate of 18.39%, which is fairly low compared to some of the other countries in the data with Belgium coming top with an average open rate of 38%! The US edges towards the top with click-through rates with an average of 2.78% compared to the UK average of 2.66%, a difference of just 0.12%.

For click-to-open rates, the US is slightly more successful again with an average rate of 15.11% compared to 14.45% in the UK a difference of 0.66%. Though the margins are very small between the two, the US is slightly further ahead than the UK in terms of success rates from email marketing campaigns. However, in comparison to some other countries, they both have a fair bit of improvement to make to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Source: Get Response (