Does the number of emails or newsletters you are sending impact your open rates? The short answer is yes.

The open rates of emails where just one newsletter was sent average 30.09%, whereas those sending 15 or 16 newsletters are seeing open rates of half of those sending just one, with 15 newsletters seeing an open rate of 13.97% and those sending 16 seeing open rates of 14.48%. Ultimately, users will reward you with higher open rates if you don’t send more than five emails per week. However, for those sending two or three newsletters rather than just one per week, there is not a huge difference, with two newsletters seeing an open rate of 23.76% and three seeing an open rate of 22.45%. Therefore, whether you are sending one, two or three emails to your mail list, the difference in opens is not drastically going to impact your revenue or see lots of users unsubscribing.

In terms of what your competitors could be doing, the data from GetResponse also found that the majority of marketers are sending just one newsletter per week, in fact almost half (47.50%) are opting for a one email per week strategy. A further 19.55% are sending two per week and 1 in 10 (9.26%) are sending three.

Source: Get Response (