When considering how many people you should send your email campaign to, first consider how this will affect your open rates. This graphic shows the average open rates by list size.

You can see that those who send out to a smaller list size of between 1000-2499 people are achieving much higher open rates. In fact, almost a third (32%) of people in a list size of between 1000-2499 are opening their emails.

Those sending to a much bigger list size of 100,000 plus are seeing 17% less opens than those sending to the smallest list size of 1000-2499 people.

This reinforces the old saying “quality over quantity.” This graphic ultimately proves that those with smaller lists are much better at engaging their audiences and their design, content and messaging is leading to higher open rates. So what you should take away from this graphic is that it is so important to not lose touch with your audience’s likes, wants and interests.

Keep producing unique and engaging content for specific audiences and you will start to see an increase in open rates in no time. 

Source: Get Response (https://www.getresponse.com/resources/reports/email-marketing-benchmarks#average-results-by-list-size)