After you have sent off your emails to your mail list, how long after you’ve sent do you think people wait to open it? Well, usually people don’t wait very long, in fact 21.49% of messages are opened within the very first hour of it being sent. In other words, 1 in 5 people open your email within the first hour.

This figure drops fairly quickly with only 8.91% of users, or less than 1 in 10, opening emails within the second hour of sending. Again, we notice a further drop in the number of users opening in the third hour, where only 5.81% are opening your emails.

Throughout the day less and less people are opening your emails, where as little as 0.82% are opening your emails after 24 hours of sending.

As a collective this graph shows that around 26% of subscribers will open your emails 7 and 24 hours after you have sent it to them. If you are deciding on a specific time to send you emails out, you may want to reconsider whether the send time will impact your opens or whether it’s more about if your email is ticking all the boxes in order to maximise opens.

If your email is not time-sensitive, you may still see a high open rate even if you miss your allocated time slot by an hour or two.

Source: Get Response (