Although the average return on investment from email is approximately $55 for every $1 spent, some of the more successful email marketing companies are achieving much higher returns. In fact, 18% of email marketing companies who have invested in a strong email marketing strategy are achieving a return on investment greater than $70 for every $1 invested, which is $15 more than the industry average return.

This huge return is equal to a percentage increase of 6,900%. Despite many high performing emails producing $70 for every $1 spent, there are some low performing email marketing campaigns, which are seeing gains of less than $5 for every $1 spent, which is $50 less than the industry average return.

Specifically, 20% of email marketing companies achieve an ROI of less than $5 per $1 invested. If this sounds similar to the return rates that you are achieving, do not worry, this can be improved with simple changes to your email marketing strategy.

If you are not seeing the return you desire from your email marketing campaigns, you can maximise email marketing return on investment by focusing on triggered email campaigns, email personalisation, as well as implementing strategies to capture users information and send out more personalised and targeted emails.

Adapting to these techniques will definitely improve your return on investment and your emails will be more likely to convert interest into clicks, sales and revenue.

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