Have you ever wondered which day of the week sees the most emails being sent? Well, Mailchimp have shared their own data on this which shows that the busiest day for our inboxes is Thursday where 18% of emails are sent on this day. Just behind is Tuesday where 17% of emails are sent, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the third busiest day for emails with 16% of emails being sent.

Not surprisingly, the weekends are much quieter for email sends with Saturday seeing 9% of email sends and Sunday seeing 8.5%.

So if you’re looking to stand out more in the inbox of your users, the beginning, middle and end of the week are the best time to send your email marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to get one step further ahead of your competitors, sending emails on the weekend or even scheduling them to go out on the weekend will mean you are getting more exposure to your users with their inboxes being much less busy than during the week due to their being sent fewer emails. 

Source: Mailchimp (https://mailchimp.com/resources/insights-from-mailchimps-send-time-optimization-system/)