Direct mail marketing campaigns and email marketing campaigns are always in competition with each other, whether that’s comparing open rates, response rates or return on investment.

So if we are looking specifically at which is a better investment for your business, email takes the crown. A recent study found that email’s return on investment was 28.5% compared to just 7% for direct mail. That’s a difference of 21.5%, or equivalent to four times the amount, which ultimately will result in you gaining more money back from your investment through email marketing, as opposed to direct mail marketing.

So, what does this mean for businesses? Well, return on investment is a really important consideration particularly for startups and small businesses who perhaps have less budget or money to spend on big, expensive direct mail campaigns. If you are looking to boost your revenue through marketing campaigns, email should be your first port of call.

If you have time that you can spend and devote to creative and exciting email campaigns, you will definitely reap the benefit with a larger return on investment than through direct mail, as proven by the statistic in this graphic.

Source: Chief Marketer (