Mailchimp is arguably one of the biggest marketing automation platforms in the world, and particularly successful in the UK and US. According to data from Mailchimp, 333 billion emails were sent by their customers and marketers who use their tool in 2020. This figure is equivalent to sending 914 million emails a day, 38 million emails an hour, 634 thousand a minute or 10,500 every second.

These figures are hard to comprehend due to them being so enormous., but they do show just how big email, as a marketing tool, really is in today’s society. Imagine how full someone’s inbox could be with over 10 thousand emails being sent every second from just one marketing automation platform alone. That’s why getting a solid database for your customers is so important, and starting to build a good relationship with them is paramount to standing out in a crowded inbox.

Source: Mailchimp Annual Report (