When it comes to alternative options to make your subject lines stand out, emojis are a great tool that helps to make your email stand out from the crowd.

We have shown the top 15 emojis that have had success in improving open rates when used in the subject lines of email marketing campaigns. So which emojis are the most popular within emails? First up is the copyright icon emoji, which appeared in 9282 emails, following closely behind is the smiley emoji which appeared in 8550 emails and the third most popular was the heart eyes emoji which was used in 6504 emails.

Other emojis that made the top 15 were closely linked to seasonal or notable events such as a plane or sun emoji which could have been used on holiday or flight based email campaigns, a present, which could have been used around a birthday, anniversary or Christmas campaigns and also a love heart emoji, which could have been used for Valentines Day or Mothers Day campaigns. Why not try testing out using some emojis in your emails and see how your open and click rates are impacted for the better. 

Source: Mailchimp (https://mailchimp.com/resources/mailchimps-most-popular-subject-line-emojis/