Email is such an integral part of daily online life and it is a platform that is used everyday by people all over the world, for both personal and professional use. In fact, the number of email users worldwide has grown significantly since 2017, as you can see in this graphic. In 2019, the number of users globally was at 3.9 billion, that’s 58 times more than the whole of the UK’s population.

If we go back ten years to 2010, there were as little as 1.88 billion email users, more than 2 billion less than in 2019.

So, what does the future of email look like? Well, by 2023 this figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users, which means over half of the global population will be using email. One year on, by 2024 it is predicted to increase a further 4% by 180 million users to 4.48 billion users worldwide. This massive rise in email users shows just how important and relevant email is today and in the future.

This also highlights how an email marketing strategy is a brilliant investment for any business, looking to increase their brand awareness, audience and revenue. 

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