With several email service providers in the market, from Gmail to Yahoo, consumers have a wide range of different providers to choose from. But it’s not just the providers you need to be able to build and test emails for, with technology advancing so quickly, new devices, as well as software updates on mobile, tablet and desktop, are constantly changing, meaning your email campaigns need to align with any updates to ensure they will still render correctly. A recent report found that according to Google, 75% of Gmail users use their mobile device to access their accounts.

So, what does this mean for email marketers? Well, with this in mind, you should always make sure your emails display correctly in Gmail on mobile devices as well as on desktop. It’s important to make sure you put as much time and effort into mobile as you would with desktop builds. Tools such as Litmus and Email on Acid can help to make sure your emails display correctly on all devices.

It’s also a good idea to see which devices your subscribers open emails on to get a really good sense and understanding of how much this affects you and your email marketing campaigns.

Source: Techcrunch (https://techcrunch.com/2016/02/01/gmail-now-has-more-than-1b-monthly-active-users/)