There is a famous saying; “you should spend as much time writing your headline as you spend on writing the content”. This quote relates very much to email marketing and is even more relevant to email subject lines. Spending time and putting thought into your email subject lines is as important as the content within the emails, because if the user is not influenced to open the email, they will never see the content within it.

Research from Pinpointe marketing found that by addressing the recipient by their name, you could increase open rates by up to 35%. This means you could reach over a third more of your mailing list just by incorporating the user’s first name. Nothing is as personalised and will grab a reader’s attention as much as using their first name, so that’s why you should consider using this within the subject line of your emails.

But it’s not just subject lines that can be impacted by personalisation including the recipient’s name, consider using it in the introduction of your email or placing it into graphics within the email, to give a real personal feel to your email campaigns.

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