In 2020, Mailchimp recorded 14,606 new customers signing up and using the platform every weekday! These 14 thousand new users were spread across 178 countries around the world, further advancing their customer base and making it an even bigger and more successful global platform.

Back in 2019, Mailchimp had 12 million users, which over the past year has increased by over 2 million customers, which is over triple the whole of Constant Contact’s users, and over 5 times the entire customer base of GetResponse.

This 2 million boost in users from 12 million to 14 million is a 14% increase in just one year, which opens up a huge opportunity for Mailchimp to continue to update and expand on their offerings, which keep it ahead of its competitors. These very impressive figures show just how big the demand is for email as a marketing platform and the prospective growth we are set to see over the next few years.

Source: Mailchimp Annual Report (