With new software and applications on mobile making it easier than ever to check your emails on the go through your smartphone, mobile is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms to check your emails on. In fact, mobile devices account for 41.9% of all opened emails. That’s equivalent to 2 in 5 people opening their emails through mobile devices. Therefore, you can see why it is so important to make sure your emails are optimised for mobile devices as well as for those still using desktops to check their emails.

With many subscribers opening on mobile devices, it’s really good practice to make sure your email has a clear call to action, especially if users are checking emails on the move. Whether you build your emails in HTML, or you use a drag and drop builder, be sure to check out how your email looks on mobile devices to avoid excluding almost half (47%) of email users who opt for mobile as their preferred device for opening emails. It’s also always recommended to use email preview platforms such as Email on Acid or Litmus to make sure your emails render correctly across all devices. How do your subscribers open your emails?

Source: Litmus (https://www.litmus.com/blog/infographic-the-2019-email-client-market-share/