A/B testing plays a big part in getting to understand your database and how they interact with your email campaigns. Open rates, click-through rates and click-to-open rates are really great ways to measure the success of your campaigns. What’s more, A/B testing your campaigns is a great way to really push these measures and get the results you or your company are looking for.

One of the most common A/B tests amongst email marketers is the subject line. Some email marketers go even further by A/B testing the email message, call-to-action, sender name and even the design of the email. The least common technique for A/B testing is changing the sender name. Some marketers change the sender name, from the company name to an employee’s name for a more personal touch.

With the right strategy, all of this can help you get to know your database and increase your results. Not only that, it gives you the marketer an idea as to where you need to focus your time, which could include, investing more into email design and build, for example.

Source: Super Office (https://www.superoffice.com/contentassets/79a360a9f6cb4fd187597d5479370ed5/ab-testing-in-email-marketing.jpg