Many marketers would argue that the shorter the subject line the better, which may work for certain industries, however, this graphic shows that the open rate of emails with a subject line of between 241-250 characters is generating the highest open rates of around 32.85%. That means that over a third of emails with subject lines containing a character length of 241-250 are being opened.

The second most successful open rate of 30.53% was seen on email subject lines with between 221-230 characters and the third-highest open rate of 29.24% was seen on subject lines with between 191-200 characters. Compared to the data showing fewer characters used within the subject line, the average open rate for subject lines with less than 50 characters was just 19%. Therefore, this graphic explains that in general, as the subject lines character length goes up, we start to see an increase in the open rates.

Having said this, it’s not always about the length or number of characters used within your subject lines, it’s more about whether the message you are portraying within the subject line is compelling and interesting enough for your users to want to engage with and open your emails.

Source: GetResponse (