Did you know that certain keywords or phrases used within your email subject lines can impact the open rate? This graphic shows the top 14 words that impact open rates the most. Coming in the first place is the word ‘newsletter’ which has been said to achieve open rates of 24.77%.

The second most successful word is ‘video’ which showed open rates of 19.65% and the third was the use of an exclamation point which showed an open rate of 19.47% when used in email subject lines.

Some other notable words and phrases included ‘free’, ‘sale’ and ‘now’ which all saw open rates of between 17-18%. A tactic which many email marketers use is adding phrases such as ‘fw’ to imply the message has been forwarded as well as ‘re:’ which make the email appear as if it is in reply to something that you have sent to them.

These tactics have shown a positive impact on open rates with ‘fw’ achieving open rates of 19.43% and ‘re:’ seeing open rates of 16.73%. Why not try testing some of these keywords and phrases in your subject lines and see if they impact your open rates. 

Source: GetResponse (https://www.getresponse.com/resources/reports/email-marketing-benchmarks#phrases_in_email_subject_lines