It comes as no surprise that a recipient’s inbox is filled every day with many marketing emails, so standing out in the inbox makes it even harder than before. So how do you make your emails stand out? Including the recipient’s name in the subject line not only makes it feel more personal but can also increase your open rate by up to 18.30%.

This is equivalent to just under an additional 1 in 5 more recipients opening your emails. Of course, this all starts with data capture. To be able to address the recipients with their name, you need to capture them first. Make sure you’re asking for their name as soon as the user signs up through your form. If you have any recipients without names in your mailing list, be sure to add a fallback when using a personalised subject line.

For example, if the first name is unknown, use ‘Customer’, that way your subject line will always make sense to the recipient. Another thing you could try is split testing your email campaign subject line with personalisation and without it to see how your subscribers open their emails. This is a great way to measure the success of a recipient’s name in the subject line.

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