Tailored emails are something that are really well received by audiences and consumers. In fact, a recent study found that 88% of users agreed that they would be more likely to respond favourably if an email looked like it had been created specifically for them. That means, almost 9 out of 10 recipients are more likely to appreciate your email campaigns if you are using some sort of personalisation or targeting within your emails.

The research from Dynamic Yield also found that if your email includes targeted discounts or promotions, a further 55% of respondents stated that they would find it a more enjoyable email experience.

Simply by including a discount code or promotional offer in your emails, you could be boosting your customer satisfaction by over half! Everyone loves a discount so if your business has the ability to supply promotional codes or offers, this is a great tactic to keep an interested and loyal customer base.

So, if you are looking to entice your audience and convert them into customers, you should really consider utilising tailored emails. This can be as simple as using personalised subject lines or implementing dynamic content by tailoring the emails they receive to suit their interests.

Source: Dynamic Yield (https://www.dynamicyield.com/guides/state-personalization-email/)