It is well known within the digital marketing industry that personalised emails achieve higher open rates than more generalised subject lines, but do you know what the actual difference is? This graphic will tell you exactly that. So, for those using personalised subject lines, you can expect your open rates to be averaging 20.66%, which is equivalent to 1 in 5 people opening your personalised emails.

For those who don’t use personalisation in their subject line, there is a slight drop in open rates of 1.09% to 19.57%. Therefore by adapting your subject lines to a more personalised one, you could start to increase your open rates, which will ultimately lead to more clicks and revenue.

If we look at what marketers are currently doing, 83.25% of email marketing campaigns do not include personalised subject lines, meaning over three-quarters of email campaigns are missing out on higher open rates.

As little as 16.75% are using personalisation within their subject lines. This 16.75% will likely be seeing higher click rates and better engagement with their audience due to it being a targeted email. Ultimately, this will result in a stronger customer base with more loyal customers as they will feel like their emails are being specified to them and their interests.  

Source: Get Response (