So, when it comes to personalised and segmented emails, how many companies and marketers are already using this tactic to convert their consumers into customers? Well, considering how successful this tactic is, you would be surprised to hear that only 4% of marketers use highly personalised targeting in their email marketing campaigns. In other words, less than 1 in 20 marketers are using highly personalised targeting, which seems very low considering the success you can gain from using high levels of personalisation.

What’s more, a further 13% of marketers use segmentation for different audiences, meaning some of their users are being targeted and some are not. That’s just over 1 in 8 marketers taking advantage of segmentation. This type of targeting could also be fairly top level, however this 13% of marketers will still see the benefits of this through their conversions.

Most shocking of all, over half (53%) of marketers do not target at all in their email campaigns. This means that half of companies are missing out on conversions and increased revenue simply from avoiding personalisation. Open rates and click through rates may be lower than if you targeted users with relevant content.

Source: Get Response (