Not sure why you are seeing a high unsubscribe rate on your email marketing campaigns? Well, a recent survey from Statista and shared by Optinmonster has revealed the top three reasons people are choosing to unsubscribe from email lists.

The top reason was that users feel they are receiving too many emails each day, with over half (59%) of respondents agreeing. Something to consider is whether you could reduce the number of emails or newsletters you are sending to try and boost open rates, rather than lose subscribers.

The second most popular reason for unsubscribing was that the content they were receiving through email marketing was information that was no longer relevant to them, with 43% of respondents agreeing.

The third reason was that they didn’t recognise the brand they were receiving the emails from or remember signing up to their emails, which 43% agreed to. Before deciding on your email content, or skipping over-segmentation due to it taking too long, remember, users have the power to get rid of irrelevant emails, so if you want to retain a high open-rate and low unsubscribe rate, make sure your email is at a standard where consumers will be happy to open and engage with the relevant content of your email marketing campaigns. 

Source: Optinmonster (