When we are looking to find out which days have the most opportunity for sending out email campaigns, it varies from open rate, click-through as well as click-to-open rates. As well, it is also important to know what percent of messages are being sent on those days to know what competition you are up against.

This graphic tells you exactly how these email statistics differ from day to day, which will help you to determine when is the best time to send out your next email marketing campaign.

Although there is only very slight difference in terms of engagement throughout the weekdays, Friday’s seem to be the best day for open and click-through rates, with the numbers slightly higher on those days. In terms of the lowest rates, Thursday sees the lowest open rates within the week, whereas Monday and Thursday see the lowest click-through rates in the weekdays. In terms of the day seeing the highest percentage of messages, Tuesday appears to see the most sends, with 17.29% of messages. In terms of which day is best, due to their being very slight changes during the week, it would be best to determine which specific statistics you want to improve on and target to then decide which day works best for your business and audience.

Source: Get Response (https://www.getresponse.com/resources/reports/email-marketing-benchmarks#results-by-day-of-week)