It’s not just sending emails on different days of the week that can have an impact on the open rate and click-through rates of your email campaigns. Sending at different times throughout the days can see a huge difference in the number of people interact with your emails.

This graphic shows that the best-performing hours are in the early hours of the morning, specifically the global results tell us that between 3AM and 4AM email open rate and click-to-open rates are at their peak.

For open rates specifically, other peaks can be seen at 9AM and 3PM, which line up with the start of the working day and towards the end of it. With click-to-open rates we see a different story, with a second peak at 6AM and a third at 11PM. Click-through rates remain fairly stable throughout the day, although there is a small peak in the consistency at 3AM, again at 6AM and finally at 11PM.

In terms of competition, the total percentage of messages sent lines up fairly well with the working day, where the majority are being sent around 9AM and this figure tends to decline slowly throughout the day. It is worth noting that the sample size for the early hours was relatively small, therefore this could have affected the accuracy of the data pull.

Source: Get Response (