Split testing is nothing new. This is why it’s surprising that less than 50% of email marketers split test all of their campaigns. This means they are missing out on getting to know their audience by seeing what they respond to. Split testing your campaigns can give you real insight into what works and what doesn’t. Does your audience respond well to short subject lines or longer ones? This information can be gathered by split testing your email campaigns. Email marketers split test in many ways, from featuring different content (images, offers, text) to personalised subject lines.

The more you split test, the more you learn. Split testing doesn’t just mean two variants, most, if not all email marketing platforms will allow you to have more than two variants of a split test.

Email marketers tend to shy away from split testing as it can be time-consuming trying to thinking of multiple subject lines or content, but can really help you understand what your customers want. It is also important to have a plan. Without a clear plan, split testing can be a waste of time. It is surprising that over half of email marketers do not utilise split testing, which is available on all good email marketing platforms as standard.

Source: Phrasee (https://phrasee.co/resource/the-state-of-split-testing/)