Did you know that open rates are noticeably lower on weekends? This is hardly surprising though with people checking their emails more regularly during the week due to work, and wanting to spend less time on their phones or computers during the weekend. Therefore, checking emails on the weekend becomes less of a priority than in the week.

In this graphic between Friday and Saturday, you can see a 2.19% drop in open rates from 19.63% to 17.44%. On Sunday this starts to come back up but only slightly. However, although click-through rates do dip slightly on the weekend, the drop is not as noticeable. From Friday to Saturday we can see the biggest dip, from 2.2% on Friday to 1.96% on Saturday, which then starts to come back up to 2.03% on Sunday.

It’s important to recognise that there are still people checking their emails on the weekends, albeit a smaller number than during the week, but if you do manage to get some users to open your emails on the weekend, the click-through rate will not be impacted too much.

With an interesting and enticing subject line and relevant content, emails sent on the weekend may generate some success and there could be potential to boost your revenue. 

Source: Optinmonster: (https://optinmonster.com/the-best-time-to-send-emails-heres-what-studies-show/